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A Skimm Reads Selection and a Skimm Reads Best of 2017: Imagine having the ability to erase all your painful memories. After a rape in a wealthy suburb, the teenage victim gets to do just that. Problem is, it makes it a LOT harder to catch the guy. This thriller is like “Lovely Bones” meets “SVU.”  Read more…

The Australian Review

If the horrors of All is Not Forgotten are offstage — the rape, a murder, a suicide — the waves of harm to individuals and already splintering families are vividly drawn. There is an element of the case study in this novel as well, but this is of Forrester’s making, his effort to control the circumstances that his hubris convinces him are within his power. Read more…

13 Books to Binge On Before the Girl on the Train Movie

What happens when you combine darkly rich family drama with a small affluent town in Connecticut? Thriller gold. Read more…

5 Celebrity-Approved Books for Labor Day Weekend

Selected by Reese Witherspoon – “Not for the faint of heart, Walker’s novel promises to keep you on the edge of your beach chair.” Read more…

An US Weekly Hot Summer Story Pick!

Wendy Walker asks how far parents will go to protect their own. After Jenny is raped, she’s given a controversial drug to erase her memory. Meanwhile, her dad obsessively tries to find the attacker, and her mom plunges into a deep denial.

3 for Thrills

Part crime story, part psychological thriller, Wendy Walker’s All Is Not Forgotten (St. Martin’s) asks the provocative question: If you are a victim of brutality, would you take a drug that would wipe out every memory of what happened? Read more…

People_Magazine_logoPeople Magazine Review

“In affluent Fairview, Conn., a young girl who’s been sexually assaulted is given a drug to help her forget–and the fallout isn’t what anyone expected. Twisty and spellbinding.”

the-province-logo-headerAll is Not Forgotten a Cunning Psychological Thriller

Wendy Walker’s All is Not Forgotten delves deep into the nature and nurture of the mind’s frail – yet oh so important – memory banks, in what turns out to be a stark and cunning psychological thriller. Read more…

Read the Publishers Weekly starred review

The rape of 15-year-old Jenny Kramer in the well-to-do town of Fairview, Conn., propels this exceptional psychological thriller from Walker (Social Lives). Read more…

Real SimpleThe Best New Books to Read This Month

Over the course of the novel, we are introduced to a myriad of characters who are neither wholly good or wholly bad, leaving plenty of room for plot twists and surprises. Stay tuned for a big screen adaptation. Reese Witherspoon has already purchased the movie rights. Read more…

Entertainment WeeklyReese Witherspoon announces new book club pick, All Is Not Forgotten

Reese Witherspoon knows a good thriller: The actress and co-head of production company Pacific Standard Films has optioned recent hits like Gone Girl, Big Little Lies, and Luckiest Girl Alive, and she often chooses her upcoming projects’ novels for her own Instagram book club. Her latest book club pick, announced Tuesday, is Wendy Walker’s upcoming thriller, All Is Not Forgotten, which centers on a young woman who gets assaulted but can’t remember the details of her attack. Witherspoon calls All Is Not Forgotten “a dark and twisting psychological thriller that had me guessing until the very end.” Just the way she likes them. All Is Not Forgotten is available at bookstores everywhere now. Read more…

InStyle6 Books You Need to Read in July 2016

The beginning of this book unfolds like a horror movie—a teenage girl is brutally raped at a high school party. But when she’s given an experimental drug that’s designed to wipe out traumatic memories, it has unforeseen consequences, leading her to consult a psychiatrist who helps her piece together what really happened. Did we mention Reese Witherspoon already bought the rights? Read more…

SheKnowsSheKnows Summer Reads Round Up

This psychological thriller is dripping in suspense and the darkest shades of family drama. The peaceful atmosphere of Fairview, Connecticut is forever disrupted when young Jenny Kramer is attacked at a party. Read more…

RedbookRedBook 21 Books by Women You Have to Read This Summer

Whether you want a hot new romance, scintillating thriller, or the latest in literary fiction, these talented ladies have you covered for your summer reading list. Read more…


The cast is immensely relatable and book groups will enjoy debating their decisions, from the drug’s administration to the surprise conclusion. Read more…

Red Carpet CrashRed Carpet Crash Book Reviews

Wendy Walker has written a psychological thriller that is a stunner, it held me from the first paragraph to the very last. Read more…

Featured Blurbs

“All is not Forgotten will be one of the most talked about psychological thrillers of the year. Endlessly atmospheric, eerily realistic, a mystery wrapped in the enigma that is human nature. How far would YOU go to protect those you love?”
– Liz Wilkins,

“Cleverly narrated and gripping All is Not Forgotten is unlikely to be “forgotten” by readers.”
– Tracy Fenton, THE Book Club

“Wendy Walker’s novel is a wonderful candidate for a movie. Its characters are realistic, the story is fast-paced, and the ending is perfect.”
– Marilyn Brooks, Marilyn’s Mystery Reads

“This psychological thriller offers a suspenseful mystery while supplying vital information into the workings of the human mind after dealing with a horrific situation.”
– Nancy Lepri,

“It’s not very often that a book completely blows me away, but this one did. A terrifically brilliant read.”
– Lisa Hall, (Also the author of sensational new thriller Between You And Me)

“Fascinating, clever and compelling. A highly thought-provoking read – I sat for some time after I finished the final page, with my head buzzing.”
– Victoria Goldman, Off The Shelf Book Reviews

“An incredibly powerful book, harrowing yes, compelling reading yes. Wendy Walker achieves the unthinkable by making a book that revolves around a brutal rape a must read. A unique plot that is fascinating with a medical insight that is truly ahead of its self.”
– Helen Clare,

“Definitely unforgettable. An impressive and intelligent look at trauma and therapy. Powerful, intense and so very clever! Recommended!”

- Christine Marson,

“I was enthralled by this story from the very first line. The pain, horror and humiliation that Jenny has been through just off the page, like blood from a knife. This is a psychological thriller which is a powerful example of how suppression is not always the answer. I look forward to the discussion that this novel is sure to create.”
– Margaret Madden,